Are your utility bills through the roof? If you live year-round in Florida, you already know that the summer heat is going to jack up your utility bills big time. We struggle with keeping our costs down while enjoying a comfortable temperature inside the home. Whew! It can get hot for sure. So, what is the best way to control the costs while staying comfortable?

Keep it Green

Planting trees around your house helps lots! Palm trees move the air outside but a leafy green tree that makes shade is best planted on the west side of your home. That afternoon sun can be harsh and unforgiving. The US Department of Energy claims a tree planted close by can reeve up efficiency by up to 10 percent. Planting trees around the circumference of the house will keep the heat from the sun off the roof too.

Turn it Up

Setting your thermostat higher while you are away or at work with save you another 10% on your bill. If you have heavy window coverings close them, it will absorb some of the intense heat. There are many energy efficient options such as window films which can reflect heat. Blinds can also close off the most intense rays from the sun and if running an indoor fan can keep the air circulating inside. Some homes use outside awnings over their windows to shield the direct sunlight too.

Be Sure To Change The Filter

Keep your filter changed. This is an important tip for both your energy and your health. Your air conditioner system will benefit from this also. If you have a way to remind youself to change the air handler filter set reminder from 1-3 months according to the filter you are using.
High value insulation in your attic can also help keep your costs down in the long run. If you have the opportunity to change or upgrade insulation it would be a cost saving measure that will give a direct savings to your wallet.

It is important to keep your air conditioner in tip top running order. Yearly maintenance by your air conditioner specialist will help keep on top of any problems that might arise in the future. Having an energy efficient unit pays off and know that air-conditioning units have a lifespan of 15-20 years but there are some factors that might change that. A good preventive AC maintenance routine can keep your air conditioner working its best for longer.

Get An Air Conditioner Tune-up

Just like your vehicle that needs a tune up so does your air conditioning unit. Make sure debris is cleared from the casing and check and replace refrigerant insulation as necessary. If you're diligent about doing maintenance items regularly your AC could last as long as 20 to 25 years!

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